The inner me

Sometimes i would ask my self, did i really gave my best? What was left to me is  the feeling of empty handedness …

Its dec 19 to day but i feel so strange… i wanted to go out by my self… id like to walk alone… i just needed to re charge my self … im almost dead batt…

I dnt have anyone to tell whats on my mind… i might pollute them i might throw trashes in them

because i was very polluted by negativity today… pls God guide me… i feel like crying… i hate it but i cant do anything about it… maybe because i am incomplete of my spirituality… Lord pls i am begging u remove this undoubtedly thoughts about life…i love u and i love my family as well…

God, pls send someone to me today that i can talk with… i feel like   nobody dares to understand me maybe i am in the state of depression … or maybe i was just affected by the situation that i had with my husband… yes i hate him … i was really angry with him… i am not going to take the first move … he hurt me so deep… he must realize it…

I will remain frigid to him like a dead cold iceberg …


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